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Governments of the Future

Leveraging Innovation and New Technologies for the 2030 Agenda  

Financing for Development and 2030 Agenda

Keynote speech at the High-Level Conference on Financing for Development  

Working together for sustainable palm oil

Heated debates have surrounded the palm oil sector in Indonesia and its access to export markets, including the European Union. The issue is crucial for Indonesia as the world’s largest palm oil…  

UNDP Opens SDG Knowledge Exchange in Bangkok

More than 150 delegates and development experts from 36 countries in Asia and the Pacific convened today in Bangkok to share expertise and ideas on how to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals…  

Removing the obstacles for women farmers

Through the Green Commodities Programme, UNDP is bringing together government, big business and small-scale farmers across 10 countries to address sustainable agricultural practices. The programme…  

Empowering women in agriculture

Success in addressing deep-rooted sustainability issues in key commodity sectors in Ghana and Indonesia involves closing the gender gap.  

The blessings of coconut oil in Indonesia's Papua

A training program focuses on the extraction and production of coconut oil to take advantage of natural resources and provide jobs for a population with high unemployment.  

Indonesia Palm Oil Platform Newsletter June 2015

The Indonesia Palm Oil Platform (InPOP) was set up in October 2014 by the Ministry of Agriculture to promote sustainability in the national palm oil supply chain.  

Indonesia a political ground shift for women

Women's representation increased 22 % within provincial and district parliaments under the 9 target provinces.  

Indonesia: Fighting for Social Justice

Three years ago, Indonesian housewife Ibu Odah had little knowledge of legal affairs. Now, the mother of two is at the forefront of a legal fight against domestic violence in the remote island of…  

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