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We need an Olympic effort on climate change

The Olympics offers us a time of hope, a time for mutual understanding, a time for goodwill and peace. But as all eyes turn toward PyeongChang for the 23rd Winter Olympic Games, rising temperatures,…  

Valuing biodiversity and achieving national SDG targets

Biodiversity is much more than a list of species of microbes, fauna and flora, it is the colourful image we have of our landscapes, the inspiration for our spiritual and cultural heritage, the…  

Health is happiness in Bhutan

In Bhutan, UNDP is enhancing early warning systems to respond to climate-sensitive health risks.  

From biogas to ice cream, Bhutan's newest "cool thing"

A UNDP and GEF-supported project helps increase farmers' revenue and national pride.  


In 2014, Bhutan contributed with 31,500 USD to UNDP’s core budget.  

Using ancient traditions to break new economic ground

Here in Bhutan, the people of Namther and Dangdung communities have been collecting 47 different varieties of medicinal plants. After more than 50 years of collecting plants and making traditional…  

UNDP report cites new trends to celebrate—and more work ahead

Today marks the world’s first International Day of Happiness, and although many development challenges lie ahead, there is also much to celebrate.  

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