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Governments of the Future

Leveraging Innovation and New Technologies for the 2030 Agenda  

Journey of young Africans into violent extremism marked by poverty and deprivation

Deprivation and marginalization, underpinned by weak governance, are primary forces driving young Africans into violent extremism, according to a comprehensive new study by UNDP – the first study of…  

Helen Clark: Keynote speech on Leveraging Innovation for Sustainable Development

Islamic Development Bank Group Governors’ Forum - Jakarta, Indonesia  

A new window of hope in Sudan

Communities in Sudan are working to make their livelihoods more sustainable, and empowering women to help their communities become less vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.  

Waiting for rain: community-driven adaptation in Sudan

To alleviate the current and anticipated strains on water and food security, a project in Sudan builds the resilience and adaptive capacity of rural communities.  

Sudan: Youth volunteers train for a better future for Darfur

A project in Sudan trains individual volunteers to build up skills and in turn develop the capacity of their communities.  

Businesses bloom in Sudan

With increasing global demand for hibiscus flowers, a UNDP project is helping farmers in conflict-affected Darfur to revive an industry and compete once again on the international market.  

New techniques help farmers adapt to climate change in Sudan

A pilot project in the deserts of northern Sudan is helping farmers adapt to the new realities of climate change and its effects on this fragile ecosystem.  

Classrooms promote peace in Sudan

A UNDP-supported scheme in Sudan is helping conflict-affected children go to back school while providing support to returnees and ex-combatants as they take steps to rebuild their lives following…  

Qatar donates $88.5 Million for Darfur

The State of Qatar signed a USD 88.5 million grant agreement with the United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund, administered by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to finance recovery and…  

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