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Job creation for and by women

In Egypt, 12 percent of the population is employed, with a disproportionate share of women among their number. Only about two-thirds of women are literate. Women need opportunities to take ownership…  

World Youth Forum

Speech at World Youth Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt  

Helen Clark: Keynote speech on Leveraging Innovation for Sustainable Development

Islamic Development Bank Group Governors’ Forum - Jakarta, Indonesia  

Access to Justice for the vulnerable in Egypt

A project supported by UNDP helps vulnerable people, particularly women, navigate the country's legal system  

From tradition to crime: The changing face of female genital mutilation in Egypt

In the village of Beir Anbar in Egypt, young children and village elders alike gathered in the community centre. A choir of school girls came forward to chant a jingle: "I am born perfect with my…  

New opportunities for women artisans in Upper Egypt

A UNDP project is helping improve food security and enhance basic and public services for the marginalized communities and people of Upper Egypt.  

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