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Valuing biodiversity and achieving national SDG targets

Biodiversity is much more than a list of species of microbes, fauna and flora, it is the colourful image we have of our landscapes, the inspiration for our spiritual and cultural heritage, the…  

Community based saving groups drive vulnerable Rwandan households out of poverty

Community based savings groups in Rwanda help lift households out of poverty and empower women.  

Africa women MPs discuss ways to boost numbers in political sphere

African women Members of Parliament see political will, financing and enhancing education opportunities as some of the ways to increase the participation of women in the political sphere.  

In Rwanda, small loans spur business expansion

With a small loan from a Village Savings and Loan Group, a baker in Rwanda was able to expand his business and provide for his family.  

Nations must lead and own justice for crimes, atrocities, UNDP chief says

Justice will be delivered globally only when individual governments themselves shoulder responsibility for dealing with crimes and atrocities, UN Development Programme Administrator Helen Clark said…  

Rwanda: Women helping lead country’s transformation

The people of Rwanda have been working tirelessly to put their country’s tumultuous past behind them, paving the way towards a more promising future where peace and stability are helping transform the…  

Meeting calls for local social innovators to be key actors in global and local development efforts

More than 20 participants from over 15 countries explored, during a three-day meeting, how mobile technologies are propelling innovation in the global South, enabling the generation of solutions that…  

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