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Supply chain initiatives and REDD+ finance

Remarks on Integrating sustainable supply chain initiatives and REDD+ finance at the national scale  

Removing the obstacles for women farmers

Through the Green Commodities Programme, UNDP is bringing together government, big business and small-scale farmers across 10 countries to address sustainable agricultural practices. The programme…  

Africa: economic transformation hinges on unlocking potential of cities, says the African Economic Outlook 2016

How Africa urbanises will be critical to the continent’s future growth and development, according to the African Economic Outlook 2016.  

Environmentally friendly practices boost cocoa production in Ghana

Cocoa farmers in Ghana now turn to sustainable, climate smart farming practices to boost cocoa production in the country, thanks to their increased understanding of its benefits.  

Tapping the sun to increase rural incomes in Ghana

Through a solar-powered irrigation project supported by the Energy Commission of Ghana and UNDP, smallholder farmers in four communities can now irrigate their fields regularly.  

Nursing by phone helps save lives in Ghana’s coastal town

Teleconsultation helps provide prompt health care to remote communities cut off by the effects of climate change such as extreme flooding.  

In Ghana, a victory for energy efficiency

Thanks to Ghana's a “rebate and turn in” programme, old fridges and air conditioners are being swapped for more efficient appliances, resulting in decreased carbon emissions and increased savings.  

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