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Empowering local communities to change the future of migration

In the drylands of northern Ethiopia, climate change is a formidable foe to the communities who make their home across the rugged landscape. In one such community, known as Abrha Weatsbha, the…  

Loans and energy-saving technology transform lives in rural Ethiopia

Through a joint programme with UN Women, over 19,500 women across Ethiopia have benefited from interest-free loans, along with entrepreneurship training.  

Indigenous knowledge – ancient solutions to today’s challenges

Revitalizing and supporting indigenous knowledge is essential to address many of today’s challenges, including the effects of climate change. Indigenous knowledge is a key resource that needs to be…  

The biogas solution: Ethiopia’s path toward greener growth

The project aims to strengthen national capacity to tap into renewable energy resources and encourage technological innovation, optimization and adoption for a green economy.  

Helen Clark: Statement to the First Regular Session of the UNDP Executive Board

United Nations - New York, USA  

Human Development Report 2015

The 2015 Human Development Report ‘Work for Human Development’ examines the links, both positive and negative, between work and human development in a rapidly changing world of work.  

Here's to being called Ms. Cookstove for years to come

For the past few years, I’ve proudly been referred to in our office as ‘Ms. Cookstove’. I joined UNDP to work on the carbon market, specifically the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) capacity…  

Ethiopia and Kenya join hands on cross-border initiative to boost sub-regional peace and development

The governments of Ethiopia and Kenya, in partnership with the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and the United Nations, today launched an innovative, comprehensive and integrated…  

Co-financing for health and development – an affordable innovation

The implementation of the post-2015 development agenda will call on countries to be more resourceful than ever, including improving efficiencies and leveraging increased domestic resources in…  

13-16 July: Third International Conference on Financing for Development

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, high-level political representatives will adopt an international agreement setting out how the post-2015 sustainable development agenda will be financed.  

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