Gender equality

Transforming institutions to advance gender equality

Equitable and inclusive work environments enable both women and men to have equal opportunities to contribute, benefit and reach their potential. For this reason, UNDP has developed gender equality certification programmes to provide incentives for public and private enterprises, as well UNDP itself, to meet gender equality standards in the workplace. Gender Equality Seal certification programmes recognize that transforming institutions is integral to accelerating progress towards gender equality and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNDP’s two main Gender Equality Seal Programmes are:

UNDP is supporting public and private organizations to to advance gender equality in their workplaces.
400 companies in 10 countries have been certified with the Gender Equality Seal since 2009.
Gender Equality Seal certification supports a more efficient and equitable workplace and contributes to the advancement of gender equality and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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