Executive Board

Secretariat of the Board

UNDP / UNFPA / UNOPS Executive Board Secretariat

Jordi Llopart
Secretary, UNDP / UNFPA / UNOPS Executive Board
(212) 906-5576


Dalita Balassanian
Policy Specialist
(212) 906-6564

Svetlana Iazykova
Documents Officer
(212) 906-5708

Henrietta Bledman
Executive Board Officer
(212) 906-5738


Silvia da Rin Pagnetto
Chief, Executive Board Branch
(212) 297-5016

Vanessa Gomes
Executive Board and Governance Adviser
(212) 297-5027

Horst Rutsch
Senior Editorial Adviser
(212) 297-5045

Lourdeth Ferguson
Editorial and Research Associate
(212) 297-4952

Imelda Katjomuise
Administrative Assistant
(212) 297-4927


Thomas Lundum 
Head of Executive Support

James Provenzano 
Director of the New York Office, General Counsel and
Director of the Legal Group

Elle Wang
Partnerships Specialist
(212) 457-1829

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