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Taking action on #2030Now: Global Goals design jams coming to you!


Important progress has been achieved since the launch of the Global Goals one year ago. UNDP photo

It has been almost a year since the 2015 Social Good Summit and the spectacular launch of the Global Goals. Since then we have taken important first steps on the road to 2030 - the target date for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

We have told friends, family and the world about what the 17 Goals are. We have shown the world why the Global Goals are the most important agenda for people and planet. And together we have pushed and helped governments to create concrete plans of action.

In just a short time, we will again come together for the biggest event of the year at the 2016 Social Good Summit. It's time to get ready for a fresh round of inspiring conversations on technology, innovation and new media. Conversations on how we use those tools to create the 2030 we want, now. As this year's theme says: "Connecting Today. Creating Tomorrow."

An exciting new part of creating that tomorrow will be a first this year. Around the world in local Social Good Summits, we will organize “Global Goals Jams”, two-day design hackathons that use state-of-the-art design thinking methods and tools, focusing on the Global Goals targets that matter most to you, and creating concrete action plans that can start immediately as a result. So far, 15 locations in all corners of the globe have signed up. You can consult this map to see where the nearest Social Good Summit event to you will be.*

To make this new part of the SGS a success, UNDP is partnering with the cutting edge MediaLAB of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. They have created a tailored toolkit with methods to use in the Jams, as well as a digital platform where solutions will be shared after the event is over. This way, people all over the world can see and learn from each other's work, as well as provide inputs across borders to create a global design community for the Global Goals.

We're hoping you are as excited as we are and will join a Global Goals Jam this year!

*If there is not yet a Global Goals Jam in your area and you are interested in organizing and hosting one, please e-mail simon.van.woerden@undp.org with subject "Global Goals Jam - [LOCATION]"

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