UNDP Transformation Series

The UNDP Transformation Series gathers progressive ideas and voices on achieving the 2030 Agenda through UNDP's Strategic Plan.

Saving one of the world's rarest cats

The 12 Central Asian and Himalayan countries that have committed to protecting the snow leopard designated October 23 as International Snow Leopard Day.  

How to reverse a shrinking population

The multifaceted development challenge of depopulation.  

Taking a lead role in defining impact

Planning the future of development finance.  

Disaster recovery for the disabled

How UNDP helped a visually-impaired man to recover from Nepal's 2015 earthquake.  

A UN-wide effort to leave no one behind

How the CADRI partnerhip is helping countries invest in disaster risk reduction.  

Overcoming roadblocks to insurance, risk finance, and development

Recognizing the role of the insurance industry to protect and invest in development.  

What difference can a multinational make?

Examining the benefits of the inclusive business model.  

The frightening impact of Yemen's war on children

Two new reports reveal how far back development is being pushed.  

Nigeria must lead on climate change

That climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity today is no longer in doubt.  

Reviving an ancient irrigation system to meet climate change

In the last decade Sri Lanka has been experiencing severe shifts in seasonal rainfall, increased floods and droughts.  

Dengue fever ravages Asia Pacific

In the last 50 years there's been a 30-fold increase in cases.  

No more 'make, take and dispose'

Promoting the benefits of a circular economy.  

Using 'The Matrix' to feel climate change

Studies indicate that being able to experience the impact of climate change allows people to connect emotionally and make them more likely to act on.  

Supporting NGOs in the Muslim world; what Tadamon can offer

And why UNDP, the Islamic Development Bank, and Islamic Solidarity Fund are launching a programme to strengthen NGOs in 57 countries  

Thinking outside the (Climate) Box

Helping young leaders to take climate action.  

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