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December 4, 2017: Q&A: 'The climate challenge is a development problem. A major development problem.'- Devex #COP23

October 5, 2017: Inclusive Electoral Processes: a Pathway to More Peaceful Societies / IPS

September 29, 2017: Climate change: could sustainable agriculture be the silver bullet we are looking for? / Thomson Reuters

September 21, 2017: Sustainable Development Goals Are Country-Led And Country-Owned, Huff Post #UNGA

July 19, 2017: Sustainable Development And Sustaining Peace: 2 Sides Of The Same Coin, HuffPost, #HLPF2017

April 25, 2017: Removing the Bottlenecks to Disaster Response Op-Ed in Media Planet, coinciding with 2015 Nepal Earthquake Second Anniversary.

April 9, 2017: Interview with Spanish National Radio with focus on SDGs-podcast link in Spanish

April 6, 2017: Op-Ed coinciding with Zika Report launch To fight Zika, fight poverty and inequality (co-authored with Jessica Faieta, RBLAC Director)

March 30, 2017: La extrema pobreza, de la costa atlántica al centro de África en 10 años #10AñosEPSocial - HDR launch 2016 - europa press/spanish

March 24, 2017: Progreso global... menos para los marginados - Interview with El Pais, Planeto Futura on HDR 2016

March 21, 2017:  La montée des violences dans le monde compromet les progrès du développement humain - Le Monde interview HDR Launch 2016 in Paris

March 3, 2017: Islamic Finance: An Innovative Avenue for Financing the Sustainable Development Goals, Huffington Post


Dec 9, 2016: On International Anti-Corruption Day: Development vs. corruption, Our Perspectives/UNDP

Dec 2, 2016: 2030 Agenda demands meaningful participation from persons with disabilities, blog in UNDP website

Nov 30, 2016: Managing displacement with development solutions  Article on Government Gazette

Nov 14, 2016: Climate plans aren’t just for the environment- Op-Ed, Huffington Post, English  

Nov 11, 2016:  L'environnement n'est pas le seul objet des plans climatiques - Op-Ed in Huffington Post French

Nov 4, 2016: Video Message Paris Agreement, Entry into Force - You Tube

Nov 4, 2016: Data Innovation Powering Sustainable Development Goals , blog in Inter Press Service

Nov 4, 2016: El clima no es solo medio ambiente - Op-Ed in El Pais, Planeta Futuro

Sept 27, 2016: Las buenas intenciones no bastan, y en la ONU... ¿lo saben? - El Pais Interview/Article

Sept 22, 2016: Sustaining Peace for Development - Huffington Post

Sept 18, 2016: Les migrants et réfugiés, un problème mondial ou solution locale ? - Huffington Post French

Sept 15, 2016: Migrants and Refugees: A Global Problem or a Local Solution ? - Huffington Post English

Sept 1, 2016: A Future Free of Corruption and Violence - Impakter Magazine

July 25, 2016: Preventive diplomacy for the Mediterranean crisis (Spanish) - El Pais   

July 20, 2016 : The Sustainable Development Goals Are Coming to Life - The Huffington Post

May 9, 2016: Les migrants, une chance pour l'économie - The Huffington Post French

Apr 28, 2016: Migrants Mean Business - The Huffington Post

Apr 20, 2016: Interview  with the Ganbara Program, the reference in the Basque Country for information and opinion, on radio in Spanish

Apr 20, 2016: News: Álava expresa su compromiso con la Agenda 2030 y los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible aprobados por Naciones Unidas

Apr 20, 2016: News: Oregi asiste a la presentación de la Agenda 2030 y los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de Naciones Unidas en las Jornadas Internacionales de Unesco Etxea

Apr 18, 2016: The war on drugs has failed: time to stop fighting and start thinking -The Guardian

Mar 30, 2016: No Forced Migrant Left Behind - Government Gazette

Mar 14, 2016: Terrorism can stunt progress for decades - The Guardian

Feb 17, 2016: UNDP 50th Anniversary - Radio France Internationale

Jan 6, 2016: 'Embracing volatility' at UNDP and beyond - Devex (Video)


Dec 14, 2015: UNDP Human Development Report launch 2015 - Spanish Radio

Oct 30, 2015: UNDP Human Development Report Launch- L'Humanite (French/Interview)

Oct 28, 2015: The Richer Poverty Line - The Huffington Post

Oct 17, 2015: Our Shared Responsibility - The Girls' Rights Gazette  

May 19, 2015: Building Back Better- The Kathmandu Post Op-Ed

Sep 23, 2015: The next 15 years - Financial Times, This is Africa

Sep 18, 2015: Post-2015 development agenda: Opportunities for action on climate change - Government Gazette

Sep 16, 2015: Cities Will Be 2015’s Biggest Winners - The Huffington Post

Aug 21, 2015: The 100-day dash for climate action - Devex

Jul 11, 2015: Now nations must walk the talk of investing in our people and planet - The Guardian

May 27, 2015: Quake aid to Nepal in race against oncoming monsoon rains: UN official - Global Times

May 26, 2015: Nepal earthquake victims without shelter ahead of monsoon rains

May 20, 2015: UN official says building laws need to be enforced in Nepal - The World Post/ Huffington Post

May 15, 2015: Opinion: Clean Energy Access, a Major Sustainable Development Goal - Inter Press Service (IPS)

Mar 9, 2015: A tale of two cities: managing the risks of rapid urbanization - Financial Times, This is Africa

Jan 2015: Ebola - BBC World Service Interview

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