Young Herders



With an aim to minimize the loss of animals during the unpredictable spring and breeding season, UN provided animal feed and first aid packages to the most vulnerable herders. 20 trucks containing feed packages were sent to 36 soums at the onset of spring. Each package included highly nutritious concentrated fodder, vitamin and mineral supplements for balancing the animal feed ration, milk replacer for newborns and a first aid kit. Depending on the size of the herd, the beneficiary households received a different amount of concentrated fodder.

Gantsetseg Ganbaatar is 27. She has graduated from a University in Ulaanbaatar. Gantsetseg has earlier worked in the fast food outlet Pizzeria. Now, she lives with her husband and two children in Erdenesant soum. They have a herd of 150 sheep and goats. Receiving the assistance, Gantsetseg said:

“It has been three years since me and my husband decided to move to the rural area to become herders because it was difficult to find a job in the city. Last spring, my husband earned some additional income by helping other herders in combing their goats to collect cashmere. This is the only additional income we can have in rural areas besides selling livestock. With this income, we prepared for the winters. We collected 2 truckloads of hay and bought several sacks of fodder for our animals. Our livestock survived on this stock through the winter. Now the stock is over and grasslands are still covered with snow, our animals are getting weaker. The fodder and minerals that we have received will greatly help restore the health of our animals.”