Address to the Public on SDGs Bus Tour

Ladies and Gentleman!

Two years ago the world leaders agreed on a new plan for a better world for everyone by 2030: the Sustainable Development Goals.  They are a set of 17 goals for people, planet and prosperity. A roadmap for a world without poverty, where everyone is equal and where we live in peace and in harmony with nature. This action plan is aimed  at meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. If these 17 goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. This is a very ambitious plan and therefore it must be owned by all countries and each and every citizen. These goals  are only going to  be achieved if everyone of us contributes.   The Mongolian government has already adopted the Sustainable Development Goals  as part of its development agenda. Now the people of Mongolia must own them and work towards them hand in hand. The world’s biggest problems can only be solved with the support of the people. People’s actions, choices and behaviors have the power to bring the change that we need today. The action plan is here, let’s get to work! To achieve these goals we must change the way we live, behave, produce, consume, invest and do business. One step can make real difference.  The United Nations is supporting the Government of Mongolia to achieve these goals. We are also reaching out to the public to inform you about the goals and how you can contribute to the ambitious plan for a better world by 2030. Today’s bus tour is part of a broad campaign to ask for your support.  You can all make a difference by changing small things in your lives and by contributing to your communities. Please take a look at the Action Guide and our campaign material on social media and get inspired. We count on you to play your part and make Mongolia a place where there is no poverty, no inequality and no threat of climate change.

Thank you.