SDGs bus tours around Ulaanbaatar to engage public


Ulaanbaatar, October 1, 2017: A United Nations’ bus displaying the Global Goals for people and planet that make up the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development took a tour around the city, engaging the public at various locations. The bus travelled from the city center to the ger district (Songin Khorkhon) with performers and public onboard. It stopped at various locations where performers including singers from Music and Dance Conservatory, dancers from Freedom Dance City Studio, face painters and artists engaged the public to raise awareness about their role in Mongolia’s development.

Two years ago, 17 Sustainable Development Goals were agreed on by world leaders to achieve the vision of a world free of poverty and where all people live in peace and in harmony with nature by 2030. The goals, which are an ambitious plan, can only be achieved if everyone is involved and plays their role; from the government to communities and civil society, from the private sector to herders. To guide this public action, the United Nations has developed an action booklet which details easy steps that everyone can take to contribute to the country’s development such as not wasting food and water and buying from green companies.

Speaking to the public at Songin Orkhon Station, Mr. Alex Heikens, Representative of UNICEF said “This is a very ambitious plan and therefore it must be owned by all countries and each and every citizen. These goals are only going to  be achieved if everyone of us contributes.” At the State Department Store Station, Dr. Narantuya from WHO said “The Mongolian Government has already adopted the Sustainable Development Goals as part of its development agenda. Now, the people of Mongolia must own them and work towards them hand in hand.”

At Light Street, Ms. Beate Trankmann, United Nations Resident Coordinator, said while addressing the public that “the world’s biggest problems can only be solved with the support of the people. People’s actions, choices and behaviors have the power to bring the change that we need today. The action plan is here, let’s get to work! To achieve these goals we must change the way we live, behave, produce, consume, invest and do business. Every action can make a real difference.”

The bus tour was organized as part of a larger campaign that the UN is running in Mongolia to galvanize public action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Under the campaign, young Mongolian graffiti artists have painted creative arts on the UN House boundary wall and celebrities and prominent public figures including Batchuluun, Orgil Makhaan, Tseku, Jargal Defacto, Oko D, Enkhbolor Gantulga and Saranchuluun Otgon have urged people on social media to take action to support the Global Goals.

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Contact for More Information: Mariyam Nawaz, Communications Officer, UN Resident Coordinators Office, Email:, Telephone: 976 (11) 327585/Ext 1106, Cell: 9542 1358