UNDAF 2017-2021

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The United Nations' work in Mongolia is guided by the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) that provides a strategic guidance to the UN system work in the country. The current UNDAF 2017-2021 was signed with the Government of Mongolia in 2016 and is designed to foster cooperation, enhance coordination and strengthen partnerships to support attainment of Mongolia's Sustainable Development Vision 2030.

The UNDAF demonstrates a strategic focus supporting Mongolia in achieving its sustainable development objectives and focuses on (1) promoting inclusive growth and sustainable management of natural resources; (2) enhancing social protection and utilization of quality and equitable social services, and (3) fostering voice and strengthening accountability.

For successful implementation of UNDAF 2017-2021 the UN will utilize its comparative advantages in Mongolia that are as follows:

  • Strong reputation with the Government of Mongolia and a consolidated relationship built on decades of successful cooperation;

  • Convening ability and role of international broker;

  • Credibility with NGOs, civil society (at all levels);

  • Knowledge and international standards;

  • Independence and neutrality;

  • Strategic support for SDGs (expertise, reporting);

  • Window to international/regional expertise on complex development issues, and Guarantor of international quality of norms and standards.