What We Do

As the development arm of the United Nations, UNDP supports strategic capacity development initiatives to promote inclusive growth and sustainable human development. Through partnerships with national, regional, and local governments, civil society, and the private sector, UNDP strives to support Ukraine in its efforts to eliminate poverty, develop people’s capacity, achieve equitable results, sustain the environment, and advance democratic governance.

Our Goals

The main goal of UNDP is to support Ukraine on its sustainable human development path towards a more prosperous, democratic, inclusive and resilient state where no one is left behind and each voice is heard. We are guided by the Millennium Development Goals and the UN Conventions to which the Government of Ukraine is committed. View more



Our Stories

Projects and Initiatives


Strengthening National Capacity for Effective Youth Development and HIV/AIDS Response in Ukraine

The objective of the Project is to strengthen national capacity for effective youth development and HIV/AIDS response and to accelerate health related MDGs. The project focuses on youth development through promoting innovative models of youth employment. Ukraine’s 6.25 million young people aged 15-24 are the next generation of economic and social actors. It is crucial that they are well prepared for their future integration in the country’s labour market and economic activities. The current project stems from theprevious UNDP initiative “Strengthening National Capacity for Effective HIV/AIDS Response in Ukraine” (2012-2013) more


Community Based Approach To Local Development Project, Phase II (Cba-II)

CBA Project aims at increasing self-consciousness and creating self-sustainability of communities by promoting dialogue among its members, facilitating social activity, shaping a collectively shared vision of the future and implementing joint initiatives on community development. more

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