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Better Life for Families with Children with Disabilities

Day Care Centres for children with disabilities have not existed in Ukraine before, although this practice is well-known and widespread in the world. This model was brought in by the UNDP project “Support to the Social Sector Reform in Ukraine” that worked with the Ministry of Social Policy in Ukraimore


Can innovation improve people’s lives? You bet

  Today UNDP is operating in an environment that is more complex, fast-changing, interconnected and more diverse than ever before. Exponential growth and connectivity and the use of mobile technologies are making possible unprecedented access to real-time news, information and ideas, enabling pmore


Path Yields to Those Who Tread on it: Gender Equality in Ukraine

“It is all decided”, declares Member of Parliament Yuliya Kovalevska smiling as she walks into her office one early windter morning, “we are announcing it today at the Parliamentary session. High time to act.”  At this hour only rare steps may be heard in the corridors of the Ukrainian  Pamore

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  • Правові консультації у виправній колонії / Providing legal counseling in a correctional facility
  • Правові консультації у виправній колонії / Providing legal advice in a correctional facility
  • Під час акції протесту / During the protest
  • Акція протесту проти непрозорої ухвали генерального плану міста / Protesting against non-transparent approval of Luhansk master plan
  • Обговорення громадської екологічної експертизи річки Стрижень / Discussion of a public environmental expertise of Stryzhen river
  • Круглий стіл з дотримання прав людини в установах пенітенціарної системи / Round-table on human rights observance in penitentiary system institutions

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