Acceleration of Millennium Development Goals Progress in Ukraine’ Project

What is the project about?

The Project “Acceleration of the MDGs Progress in Ukraine” aims to support the Government efforts in acceleration of the progress towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through enhanced monitoring system, strengthened capacity in MDGs-based policy-making, planning and mainstreaming into strategic papers.

This will be ensured by the following results:

  • the Government of Ukraine is assisted in monitoring of the national MDGs targets and indicators;
  • the Government of Ukraine, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (MEDTU), and line Ministries are supported in effective MDG-based policy-making and strategic planning;
  • MDGs, human development, social inclusion and quality of life are promoted and advocated for.

What have we accomplished so far

During 2013 the Project has provided support to the elaboration of the National Report “MDGs. Ukraine – 2013”. The Project ensured transparent process of MDGs monitoring (more then 150 leading experts in MDGs subject areas were involved). The Project led the process of the national consultations on the Post 2015 Development Agenda (25,000 Ukrainian people participated, 4,500 – face-to-face). National Report “Post 2015 Ukraine: Future We Want” was prepared based on results of the national consultations. This was done under the overall guidance of the UN system and in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, National Institute for Strategic Studies and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. MDG targets and indicators were incorporated into a number of state strategic documents. Consensus Macroeconomic Forecast Seminars were conducted, follow up analytical papers “Ukraine: Prospects of development” were published and distributed. The project has supported localizing MDGs in Chernivtsi oblast.

More then 20 advocacy activities and events devoted to the MDGs and human development were conducted, among them: 7 expert discussions and 8 round tables on MDGs, Presentation of the 2013 HDR, Round table on “Measuring quality of life n Ukraine” etc. Post-2015 Development Agenda communication strategy was implemented. The Project delivered a number of lections on MDGs and Post 2015 to the students. Due to these efforts Ukraine was Awarded by  MY World Outreach Award for Europe and North America (more then 12,000 Ukrainians took part into MY World survey). Nomination “MDGs in Ukraine” was introduced in the framework of Newspaper Day photo contest.  As a result we have received over a thousand photos reflecting people’s vision of the MDGs. The Project developed MDGs infographics that was shared to all regions of Ukraine. The Project conducted a Press Conference devoted to Poverty Reduction Day and 2 seminars on MDGs/Multidimensional Poverty for journalists from all regions of Ukraine in order to enhance society’s response to reduce poverty and inequality. The Project introduced a MDGs nomination in the framework of contest “Honour of profession” for journalists.

Who Finances it?

Donor name Amount contributed per year
UNDP $80.0000

How are We Carrying out Our Mission?

In order to ensure sustainability of social and economic policies and provide support to the Government of Ukraine, the Project envisages activities in the following areas:

• Monitoring national MDGs targets and indicators through the data collection, analysis and interpretation; identification of the most serious gaps and shortcomings, as well successes and best practices; and preparation and dissemination of the regular reports to the national, sub-national and international stakeholders. The Project provides an open platform for data collection and enhances the capacity to monitor reliable data on poverty and MDGs, human development, social inclusion and quality of life for subsequent policy-making. The Project supports analytical and research work in a number of MDG-related areas to identify shortcomings and provide policy options.

• Effective MDG-based policy-making and strategic planning to ensure the acceleration of the national MDGs through capacity development activities, provision of analytical support and sharing the best international practices aimed at improved social and economic forecasting system; strengthened MDG-based policy-making and strategic planning abilities; mainstreaming MDGs into development strategic papers. Important aspect of this work includes the promotion of human development, social inclusion and quality of life concepts to enable the development of pro-poor and inclusive socio-economic policies. The Project also support the activities related to the Post 2015 Development Agenda in Ukraine.

• MDGs, SDGs and Post 2015 Development Agenda promoting, advocating and raising awareness among governmental and non-governmental organizations and research institutions and broad society.

• Establish green economy platform as a background for transformation the MDGs into SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). 

The project promotes the national policy dialogues and debate on the MDGs, SDGs and green economy related issues, production of a number of advocacy materials.  

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Donor name Amount contributed per year
UNDP $175.0000
Project Overview
Project start date:
Estimated end date:
Geographic coverage:
Focus Area:
Poverty Reduction
Eradicate Extreme Hunger and Poverty
Project officer:
Natalia Sitnikova
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (MEDTU), Line Ministries, Local Authorities (oblast level), Academic and Research Institutions