Gender Equality

Gender equality is one of the core objectives of UNDP in Uganda and is implemented throughout the organization in a two-pronged approach; mainstreaming gender in all core practices and dedicated interventions that empower women and promote gender equality. UNDP in Uganda’s work on gender is guided by the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA), the Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the frameworks provided by the Millennium Declaration, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and country specific gender priorities. The Country office UNDP Uganda is committed to gender mainstreaming and empowerment of women in Uganda and supports the government to create gender-sensitive policies, budgeting and economic plans. It also works towards social and economic empowerment of women at grassroots.

Our Goals

We work to promote gender sensitive budgeting and to mainstream gender issues into national plans and policies. We promote the women engagement in democratic governance and to reduce the incidence of HIV among vulnerable women.more

Budgeting equally for the needs of men and women

UNDP is collaborating with the Parliament of Uganda to undertake gender responsive budgeting for natural resources to reduce the socioeconomic inequalities between men and women (Photo: UNDP Uganda)

Our Stories

  • Justine Badaru (in light green t-shirt) shows the UGANET lawyer Kabanyoro Judith (In Suit) and a local council official the family land which was under dispute. Winning her family land back has inspired Badaru to form a widows’ activist group in her village to assist women in her community seek legal support.

    A Widow’s right to matrimonial property

    When Justine Badaru a 38 year old,  resident of Kijogoro Parish, Miirya Sub County, Masindi district lost her husband to an HIV/AIDs-related illness, she was leftmore

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  • Following a Shs 27million ($10,000) grant from UNDP, Aporu Womens’ Group in Panyangara Kotido district bought a grinding mill, brick laying machines, 47 heifers and ox ploughs, which have enabled them generate income that is directed to a revolving fund to provide start-up capital to members who wish to start businesses (Photo: UNDP Uganda)

    Empowering women to improve livelihoods

    Six years ago, Rosemary Arenger, 28 was in bad shape.“I was a drunkard and too poor to help myself and my family. My husband was amore

Projects and Initiatives

Promoting Civic and Political Participation of Women and Youth in the Informal Sector

This project is focusing on promoting awareness about civic and political rights under the multiparty dispensations, especially among the youth and women. more

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