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  • 01 Feb 2010
    Happy anniversary Dreams Academy!

    In the previous year, 300 disabled young men and women who partied at popular venues in Istanbul, performed with famous musicians, and experienced personal growth in various areas from photography to dance and learned the secret of success in life with Vodafone and thanks to Dreams Academy saw that they can overcome any barrier.

  • 01 Feb 2010
    Mediation as a win win situation

    Justice actors including the public prosecutors and judges who have been selected as resource persons and gone through a series of training of trainers programs in the scope of the “Development of Mediation Practice in the Criminal Justice System of Turkey” Project promoted the practice of mediation as a win-win situation for both an effectively functioning judicial system and social peace during the training seminars held in 11-19 January 2010.

  • 01 Feb 2010
    A strategy needed for Turkey's carbon market

    Carbon, just like any other commodity, is being tracked and traded for some time now. Though experienced in the voluntary carbon markets, an institution to steer Turkey through the carbon marketplace is essential for the country to carve out a niche for itself within the new climate regime.

  • 01 Feb 2010
    Seyhan River Basin prepares for climate change

    Seyhan River Basin will now combat the effects of climate change more easily. Within the framework of the UN Joint Programme Enhancing the Capacity of Turkey to Adapt to Climate Change Capacity in Turkey the Adaptation to Climate Change in the Seyhan River Basin Grant Programme is paving the way for the implementation of new projects that will improve the capacity of inhabitants and institutions of the river basin in adapting to climate change.

  • 01 Jan 2010
    An essential beginning

    Leaving some parties frustrated, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen ended with an agreement by countries to overcome the global temperature rise by committing to emission reductions and to raise funds to accelerate action to deal with climate change in the developing world.

  • 01 Jan 2010
    Need for stronger alliances

    Highlighting the need to establish stronger alliances and coalitions, December 19 marked the International Day for South-South Cooperation, celebrated in 2009 under the theme “Innovative Solutions through Inclusive Partnerships”.

  • 01 Jan 2010
    Turkey must make progress for women

    The 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) was celebrated on 18 December.

  • 01 Jan 2010
    Migration for Development Virtual Fair

    “Migration can be a positive and empowering experience for migrants themselves, and for both the home and host societies” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, on his message addressing International Migrants day, commemorated on 18 December, 2009.

  • 01 Jan 2010
    Kars locals visit Spain

    Following a study tour to Spain organized by a UN Programme not only is Nuran Özyılmaz, a small restaurant owner in the remote city of Kars, planning to add paella to her previously traditional menu but dairy farmer İlhan Koçulu has already contacted the mayor of a small town in Spain to exchange ideas about dairy farming and ecological agriculture.

  • 01 Jan 2010
    Villages in Sivas and Erzincan are improved

    The infrastructure and awareness building projects executed in the villages of Sivas and Erzincan have done much to improve the standard of life for the locals.

  • 01 Jan 2010
    Cluster Support Programme for Ministry of Industry and Trade

    Project activities are expected to start for designing a cluster support programme in the areas of competitiveness and innovation to improve the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) in 2010.

  • 01 Jan 2010
    Ronaldo and Zidane take on poverty

    As Goodwill Ambassadors for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), football stars Ronaldo and Zinédine Zidane will play together with other renowned footballers for a friendly match against a SLBenfica All Stars team on 25 January 2010.

  • 15 Dec 2009
    New proposals in the Southeast

    Call for proposals in the scope of the Diyarbakır-Batman-Siirt Development Project which began in May for Diyarbakır and Batman and in September for Siirt have ended this November.

  • 15 Dec 2009
    Transforming Turkish textile

    Aiming to transform the Turkish textile sector into a competitive industry, a new UN Joint Programme (UNJP) will enhance the international competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the textile and clothing sector of Turkey.

  • 15 Dec 2009
    The S-UN continues to shine

    It’s time for young men and women to put on their thinking caps as the second term of grant applications for the S-UN Fund for Youth have begun in Adana, Balıkesir and Kocaeli.

  • 15 Dec 2009
    For a healthy financial future

    There are 35 million young people under the age of 28 in Turkey today. Taking employment and income figures into account, the youth, particularly in less developed regions, faces challenges in benefiting from financial opportunities and information resources.

  • 15 Dec 2009
    Marine and Coastal Protected Areas

    The most comprehensive project on strengthening marine and coastal protected areas system in Turkey was began with an opening workshop on 12 November.

  • 15 Dec 2009
    Message from UNDP Turkey

    Dear readers! I am happy to be able to conclude that 2009 was a busy year for UNDP Turkey with more than 30 new projects and another 10 in the pipeline until the end of the year. Looking to 2010, it already looks as though it will be even more hectic.

  • 15 Dec 2009
    Towards sustainable development

    After two years of preparatory studies, encompassing regional, national and international consultations, UNDP and GAP Regional Development Administration (RDA) launched two projects in October 2009 under the Competitiveness Agenda.

  • 15 Dec 2009
    It's time to invest in Şanlıurfa

    Şanlıurfa, the heart of southeastern Anatolia, is opening up to local and foreign investors aiming to become a lucrative industry and trade center of national and international standards through the 2nd Organized Industrial Region project.

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