Poverty Reduction


I Have the Right to Vote

This publication is intended to serve as guidance for the country's election authorities, political parties and observer groups to better understand what is family and proxy voting and how to help eradicate this negative electoral practice phenomenon. more


Self Employment: Success Stories

This brochure presents the individual stories of just some of the thousands of unemployed people who have succesfully participated in the Self-Employment Programme, implemented by the Government and UNDP. These stories of success, together with information on the aims of the Programme, themore


The Living Standards of Roma in the Country

Tackling the social and economic exclusion of Roma communities is a top priority for UNDP throughout the region. To help identify the needs of Roma communities, UNDP recently partnered with DG REGIO, the World Bank, the Fundamental Rights Agency and the Open Society Institute to conduct a survey onmore

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Increasing social inclusion means empowering people to participate more equally in society—in education and employment, in the decision-making processes that affect their lives, in access to social services and social protection and all other resources of their local communities.

UNDP supports national efforts to improve the social and economic conditions of individuals and groups at risk of exclusion, as well as providing knowledge and expertise to help policy-makers develop more inclusive policies and reforms.

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