Democratic Governance


    This report explains the internal and external forces for the development of national anti-corruption strategies in the region. It also tries to identify common pitfalls at different stages of developing and implementing anti-corruption strategies, and provides recommendations to help countries develop effective anti-corruption strategies based on evidence.

  • STEPs to PEACE

    STEPs to Peace is a proceedings of the Southern Thailand Empowerment and Participation (STEP) Project Symposium: STEPs to Peace organized by the Institute for Peace Studies (IPS), Prince of Songkla University (PSU) on 20 August at the International Convention Centre in Hat Yai District of Sonkhla.

  • Handbook on Steps to a Sustainable Community Business Development

    ​The handbook, developed in corporation with the Faculty of Communication Science, Prince of Songkla University, Pattani Campus, presents community business initiatives and demonstrates comprehensive 11 steps (step by step) to achieve sustainable community business developments ranging from product/package development to community contributions, from suitable pricing strategy to market access/development, and from standard GMP to business management.

  • Field Handbook on fact finding on human rights violations of women and children

    The Field Handbook on fact finding on human rights violations of women and children was developed in corporation the Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) as a guideline for paralegals and those working for legal aid organizations in the southern border provinces of Thailand to use as a tool to monitor human rights violations of women and children and address the issues.

  • Disaster Risk Reduction Handbook

    The Disaster Risk Reduction Handbook, produced by UNDP Thailand and the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM), aims to reduce the impact of future disasters on Thai people. The 2011 floods were a stark reminder of how indiscriminate and damaging disaster can be. They also reminded Thailand how important reducing the chance of such incidents, and preparing effectively to respond to those times when they happen, can be in lessening the impact disasters may have on lives.

Our Work - Democratic Governance
Building Capacity

The UNDP-Thailand partnership on democratic governance is targeted at both ends of the democracy spectrum – the decentralized grassroots level and the central national level. At the local level, UNDP supports on-going efforts to promote participatory development planning and decision-making, building capacity for effective implementation of poverty reduction and development programmes, empowering women, and generally works to create a stronger voice for people in local governance.