Annual Project Report 2012 HIV

The HIV project “Strengthening the supportive environment and scaling up prevention, treatment and care to contain HIV epidemic in the Republic of Tajikistan” funded by the Global Fund has started realization in Tajikistan in October 2009 and will last until September 2014. The primary purpose ofmore


Annual Project Report 2012 Malaria

The overall goal of the project is to eliminate malaria infection through interruption of local malaria transmission. The project is aimed at consolidating the achieved results of the ongoing reduction of Malaria infection. The project is scaling up existing efforts of the malaria surveillancemore


Annual Project Report 2012 TB

This is annual 2012 report on progress of activities implemented by the UNDP under the project “Strengthening Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Program in the Framework of Health System Reform, Phase 2”, funded by Round 8 of the TB Grant of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. Themore

OUR WORK - HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria


UNDP Health Programme working towards reducing the burden of HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria in Tajikistan pursues the following aims: establish sustainable and efficient multi‐sectoral response structures to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS and TB epidemics and eliminate Malaria by 2015. To reach this outcome, UNDP will scale up HIV prevention, treatment, care and support interventions among high risk groups and general population; build public healthcare sector capacities to reduce the burden of TB; and strengthen management of national malaria control programme results in interruption of local malaria transmission.