What We Do

As the lead development agency in Sudan, we support strategic capacity development initiatives to promote inclusive, transparent and efficient governance systems. Through partnerships with national and sub-national government and civil society, UNDP strives to eliminate poverty, enable recovery, sustain the environment, and advance peace and social cohesion. Read more

Our Goals

In Sudan, we are facilitating a peaceful transition from recovery to development in line with national priorities. By enhancing economic recovery and livelihoods opportunities to the people of Sudan, we are providing the strongest incentive for individuals and communities to break out of protracted conflict dynamics and join the peace efforts. Read more

Water Paves the Way to Peace in White Nile

Conflict carrying capacities of ex-combatants & unemployed youth transformed into livelihood skills through a fisheries project at Dabkaria – White Nile. (Photo: UNDP Sudan)

Our Stories

  • Delivering Security. Securing Deliveries: UNDP works for women in Darfur

    Delivering Security. Securing Deliveries: UNDP works for women in Darfur
    UNDP Sudan

    On a balmy Wednesday afternoon in the “North Darfur Midwifery Training Centre” in El Fasher, thirty young women listen attentively to Reproductive Health Tutor Hawa Osman Ushak, as she discusses the necessity of sanitation when delivering a babymore

Projects and Initiatives

Local governance and public expenditure management in East Sudan

East Sudan is one of the most deprived areas of the country. With some of Sudan’s highest malnutrition rates and widespread poverty, the challenges are immense. Underlying the challenges this region faces more

Climate Risk Finance for those Most Vulnerable to Climate change

Climate change is a reality that is affecting the lives millions of Sudanese. UNDP is working to help people adapt to climate change by introducing new techniques and innovations. Pastoralists, and those farmers dependent on rainfall, are among those most vulnerable to climate change risk, according to Sudan’s National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA). more

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