Millenium Development Goals


Gender Dimensions of the Millennium Development Goals in Sri Lanka

Responding to the criticism of the MDGs, particularly by women’s groups, the Outcome Document of the World Summit in 2005 re-envisioned the goals to incorporate other international development goals encapsulated in UN Declarations and Conventions and in the outcomes of the UN World Conferences ofmore


Sri Lanka Millennium Development Goals Country Report 2005

  This report provides a preliminary assessment of how Sri Lanka’s people are faring with respect to the range of social indicators that comprise the MDGs. There are about 5 million people living in poverty in Sri Lanka, perhaps more. Because of the internal war, there are no exact figures formore


Sri Lanka Millennium Development Goals Country Report 2008/09

  The second Country Report on Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) for Sri Lanka, it gives the progress of MDGs in Sri Lanka, since 1990.   During the period 1991-2008, economic growth in Sri Lanka has ranged around 4 to 7 percent. Economic growth is an important prerequisite for povertymore

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