Web-based seminar with Senegal on “Strengthening Access to Justice for victims of GBV by working with the Police”

Mar 5, 2018

On 5 March 2018, a web-based seminar was organized, joining Seoul and Dakar, in the framework of USPC’s Development Solutions Partnership (DSP) on Gender-based Violence (GBV). The DSP on GBV which was launched in the fall of 2017 in four partner countries, namely, Albania, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Senegal, accentuates the power of sharing of knowledge and lessons learned between governments to effectively tackle GBV and take the national initiatives to scale. 

This webinar is the first knowledge exchange activity between Korea and Senegal under the DSP on GBV in Senegal which focuses on the theme of “strengthening access to justice for GBV victims – effective sensitization, capacity building, and deployment of the police in handling GBV cases”. The Senegalese government has put in place an Action Plan 2017-2021 to contribute to the eradication of GBV and the promotion of human rights. DSP on GBV is in line with the Senegalese government’s Action Plan.

The webinar gathered partners from Korea and Senegal: from the Korean side, representatives from the Korea National Police Agency and the Korean National Police University; from the Senegalese side, representatives from the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Women, Family and Children, local police agencies in two pilot cities of Guinaw Rail and Thiaroye, as well as Women Jurist Association.

The event featured a combination of webinar presentations, live online discussions, and a Q&A session. The webinar shared Korea’s policing efforts on addressing GBV that range from prevention of GBV, training of the police on GBV, to victim support mechanism during the investigation process.

At the end of the webinar, partners from Korea and Senegal appreciated the interaction and welcomed follow-up knowledge exchange activities to further identify and discuss policy tools to enhance police capacity to effectively respond to GBV.

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