USPC and Korean Ministry of Environment Co-organize Second SDGs Round Table on Sustainable Urban Development

Oct 14, 2016

Participants at the Second SDG Roundtable on Sustainable Urban Development

In partnership with the Korean Ministry of Environment, the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre (USPC) hosted its Second Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Roundtable in Seoul on 14 October, 2016.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development put sustainability at the center of how countries of the world address global challenges. It is a broad, overarching framework, with the SDGs—integrated, pragmatic, transformative goals in key areas of sustainable and inclusive human development—at its core.  With the implementation of the SDGs in mind, USPC and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea are collaborating to share successful practices and expertise on matters related to sustainable urban development, resilience and renewable energy. The roundtable encompassed discussions on SDG 11 on sustainable cities, SDG 7 on affordable and clean energy, SDG 12 on responsible consumption and production.

This SDG Roundtable is the second one organized by USPC in 2016. At the roundtable, presentations were made by the USPC, the Ministry of Environment, and various experts from the public sector (Seoul Metropolitan Government), the private sector (XnTree, Veolia Korea), international institutions (European Chamber of Commerce in Korea and CityNet) and academia (Korea University, Yonsei University, University of Seoul). A total of 13 presentations were made by international and Korean experts focusing on sustainable urban development.

From the diplomatic community, the Ambassador of Bangladesh opened the roundtable discussion; other participants included the Embassy of Cote d’Ivore and the Embassy of Denmark. Other participant included the UN Office for Sustainable Development; Global Green Growth Institute; Hankuk University of Foreign Studies; Ehwa Women’s University; and Korea Energy Agency.

Key findings, suggestions and conclusions from the SDG Roundtable will inform a study publication as part of the process that could lead to a Development Solutions Partnership (DSP) on Sustainable Urban Development with specific focus on waste management, renewable energy and efficiency policy and programmes. DSPs are the usual practical approach for USPC to connect Korea with the wider UNDP Network as a knowledge broker and facilitator, as part of the Korea-UNDP partnership on strategic development issues.

A total of 110 participants attended the Second SDG RoundTable and was covered by Arirang News and ArirangWorld.

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