Korean students talk about the climate change issues at the Model United Nations

Aug 19, 2014

photo: MUNCCC 2014/ Kim Young Jin

In summer, Korean students are often busy with extracurricular activities. Participating in the Model United Nations is one of the most popular activities among Korean students who want to learn about global issues and international manners through while interacting with people from various backgrounds.

Responding to this need of Korean students, UNDP Seoul Policy Centre has supported a series of Model UN held in Seoul, reaching out to nearly five hundred Korean students. The largest conference among the sponsored Model UNs in Korea is 2014 Model United Nations Climate Change Conference (MUNCCC) co-hosted by Korea University and YTN. Almost three hundred students participated in this event to discuss climate change issues from the point of view of their represented countries and organizations.

Started on August 11th, 2014, the MUNCCC brought together a range of experts from different UN agencies, governments and international organizations to share their insight and experiences in dealing with climate change issues with the participating students.

Mentioning the new Framework Convention on Climate Change and the importance of partnership at the global level, the Ambassador for Climate Change at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Choi, Jai-chul, called on the students to be active players in supporting global efforts to solve the negative impacts of climate change.

“We need your support and responsibility in dealing with the conflict of interest between countries in the future,” he said.

Following by the different speeches, the roundtable discussion on Global Efforts to Address Climate Change took place, with the panel including the Director-General of Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Yvo de Boer, the Director of UNESAP Kilaparti Ramakrishna, the Policy Specialist of UNDP Seoul Policy Centre Artemy Izmestiev, and Division of International Studies Professor Suh-Yong Chung. The panelists shared the view points and activities of their represented organizations regarding climate change.

UNDP Seoul Policy Centre’s Policy Specialist Artemy Izmestiev talked about the UNDP’s role and work in helping the developing countries cope with climate change issues.

“Every problem comes with an opportunity. Tackling the climate change can create new approaches and standards,” he said. He also emphasized the significance of holistic approach including different players. For the participants, he encouraged them to be change makers beyond the success of the Model UN.

The MUNCCC has been annually held at Korea University since 2011 to help Korean students learn how the international community works together to discuss climate change related issues, including greenhouse gas reduction and adaptation. The event finished its three-day-debate on climate change with the award ceremony for the best student delegates. Two winners of awards will be financially supported to observe the 20th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties in Lima, Peru.