Iraqi government officials study Korean e-governance in Seoul

Nov 22, 2013


Abdul Kareem Al Samarai, Iraqi Minister of Science and Technology, led a twelve strong delegation of senior Iraqi government officials on a study tour to Seoul to learn from Korea’s world beating e-governance experience from 2nd to the 6th December.

Korea is an information and communications technology and e-governance world-beater. The United Nations ranked it as number one in its 2010 and 2012 international e-governance development index. The index gives an overview of national e-governance quality. The country also ranked first in the UN’s ‘e-governance participation index’ which ranks citizens’ online engagement in policy creation.

The delegation visited the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Security and Public Administration, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission the Korea Internet and Security Agency and several private institutes and companies.

With support from UNDP and partners, the Iraqi governement is working on improving governance at several levels, including establishing a national e-governance Centre of excellence to act as a think-tank to help shape e-governance policy and practice. Korea’s structures and experience could provide practical examples.

The tour was organized by the Government of Iraq, UNDP Iraq and the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre.