Korean experts discuss aid, health and development

Nov 15, 2013


Over 100 doctors, academics, government officials and representatives of civil society organizations tackled pressing health issues at a major conference hosted by the Korean society of global health at Korea University today.

Artemy Izmestiev, Policy Specialist at the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre, delivered a speech on the importance of health as a core part of sustainable human development.

‘If a person is not healthy they can’t reach their potential. Their choices are limited – and freedom, as exercised through choices, is curtailed’.

He also encouraged the Korean health and development community to work together in a final push to meet the health related Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

These challenges are great, they are growing, and they do not respect national boundaries. But we believe that by working collaboratively with other and by keeping health close to the heart of our mission, we can be a contributor to tackling these challenges,” he said.

Youngju Oh, Director General of the Development Policy Division in the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spoke about the on post 2015 development agenda and global health and introduced the Korean government’s health focused official development assistance (ODA).

Health is a major focus of our ODA program. We will build a results based management system by reinforcing monitoring and evaluation in reflection of the importance of it” she said.

Participants discussed the issues and future directions for health related ODA and sought to raise public awareness of its importance among the Korean public.

Established in April 2013, the Korean Society of Global Health aims to promote discussions and knowledge exchange among experts in global health and health related ODA. Around 250 members come from academia, the Korean government, government agencies and civil society