Korean youth tackle climate change at model UN talks

Jul 31, 2013

The UNDP sponsored event brought over 350 Korean students together to learn more about tackling climate change

Over three hundred and fifty students from across Korea role-played global efforts to tackle climate change at a major Model United Nations Convention on Climate Change Conference at Korea University on July 29.

To kick off the two day event a panel of experts shared experiences and views on tackling climate change, answered student’s questions and urged them to pressure political leaders to take bold decisions and actions to secure our world’s future.

Moderated by Sang-Hyup Kim, former Senior Secretary to the Korean President on Green Growth and the Environment, discussants included:

  • Boonam Shin, Korean Ambassador for climate change; 
  • Alvaro Pinto Scholtbach, Director of the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre; 
  • Howard Bamsey, Director-general of the Global Green Growth Institute;
  • Sangmin Nam, Deputy Director of UNESCAP’s East and North East Asia Office; and, 
  • Suh-Yong Chung, Associate Professor of Korea University.

The two day event was co-hosted by Korea University and Yonhap News Agency, with co-sponsorship from UNDP.

Participants were assigned roles on one of nine committees to discuss six major international issues related to climate change:

  • mitigating greenhouse gas emissions; 
  • climate finance and technology transfer; 
  • climate change and the role of the cities; 
  • low carbon green growth policy to address climate change;
  • adapting to deal with the impact of climate change; and, 
  • coping with climate change collectively in Asia.