New partnerships to boost energy access for the poor

Apr 29, 2013

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's sustainable energy for all initiative

Experts and policy makers from 12 developing Asian nations and Korean institutions forged new partnerships for sustainable and affordable energy access through sharing best practices, policies and technology.

Participants in the Seoul workshop that ran from the 30th of April to 4th of May laid the foundations for a network to foster and support the new partnerships.

The workshop was co-organized by the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre, the Green Technology Centre of Korea and the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sustainable energy for all

Energy powers development.

By boosting health, education and opportunities, energy access empowers people and communities to increase their economic status.

By developing infrastructure to provide constant and affordable access to energy, countries can boost development.

The workshop and new partnerships will support UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, which aims to ensure access to sustainable energy for everyone by 2030.

Launched in 2011, the initiative brings together three key elements to meet the global goal by:

  • Ensuring universal access to modern energy services. 
  • Doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency. 
  • Doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. 

Despite having limited energy resources, the Republic of Korea built a successful industrial and economic model.

More recently, it embraced ‘green growth’ initiatives at home and in its development assistance overseas.

At the three day event, international participants will become familiar with Korea’s key experiences, policies and successes in addressing energy and green energy issues.

Korean participants will learn of the key challenges faced by developing countries and their successes in boosting energy access.

All participants will explore opportunities for partnership building and knowledge and solution sharing to work together in boosting energy access.

The new network will help pursue the discussions at the workshop. It will build on Korea’s policy initiatives and practical experiences as well examples from around the world.

For more information on the workshop please see the concept note.

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