Korea Funding to Augment Police Infrastructure in Afghanistan

Dec 18, 2012

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, H.E. Seong-doo Ahn and Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez, Country Director, UNDP Afghanistan sign the Agreement. PHOTO: UNDP Afghanistan

The Government of the Republic of Korea will make a contribution of USD 50 million to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-supported Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA).

An Agreement to this effect was signed by the Korean Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mr. Seong-doo Ahn and Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez, UNDP Country Director for Afghanistan in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr. Ghulam Ali Wahadat in Kabul on 18th of December.

The Contribution from the Korean Government will be used to finance payment of the police force remuneration, procurement, maintenance and operations of non-lethal police equipment and supplies, construction, rehabilitation, maintenance and operations of police facilities, and for building of police-community partnerships under Police-e-Mardumi project, based on best democratic policing principles.

The Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA) is a mechanism established to enable the international community to mobilize resources to strengthen the country’s law enforcement. Besides supporting salary payments for a vast majority of the police personnel in Afghanistan, UNDP LOTFA supports capacity development programmes of the Afghan National Police (ANP) and the Ministry of Interior, the strengthening of gender equality in the ANP as well as community policing programming across the country.

Community-oriented Policing or “Police e Mardumi” has been set as one of the ten priorities of the new Minister of Interior, Mr. Mujtaba Patang. The partnership with the Government of Korea, is expected to make a significant contribution to the professionalization of the Afghan police.

LOTFA has helped build or refurbish vital police infrastructure, including a 200-bed hospital, a Drug Rehabilitation Centre, a police gymnasium and a housing complex for police martyrs in Kabul, 1,350 security checkpoints, five police headquarters, and police colonies across the country.

LOTFA is providing support to 184 Family Response Units in Afghanistan. The Family Response Units play an important role in providing counselling, mediation and legal aid services to women victims of violence and human rights injustices. LOTFA support includes training of Family Response Unit police officers in leadership, gender awareness, IT , forensics and logistics.