UNDP eyes greater biodiversity cooperation with Korea

Sep 18, 2012

Sustainably managing ecosystems is vital to ensure green, sustainable growth

UNDP ecosystems and biodiversity Head Nik Sekhran has called for greater cooperation between UNDP and Republic of Korea in an interview with a Seoul based radio station.

'Korea is fast becoming a global leader in green growth. For green growth to work, ecosystems need protecting. Water and food security are also key. UNDP has worked on these for 40 years. Today, we’re working on them in 140 countries. With Korea’s expertise and our access and experience, we’re natural partners’   

Mr Sekhran was in Korea to attend the10 day World Conservation Congress (WCC) on Jeju Island. Over 8,000 participants from the United Nations, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations and companies from over 170 countries came up with the Jeju Declaration that summarized the discussions of the conference organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

'The IUCN conference was the best organized I’ve ever seen’ said Sekhran. UNDP is an observer of the IUCN, but we play a leading role in the UN on biodiversity action. Yet there’s always more we can do to support sustainable development around the world through boosting partnerships’.

The declaration states that preserving biodiversity and continuing economic development at the same time is possible through sustainable development practices.