Busan students and UN staff debate UN regional actions

Apr 25, 2012

Photo: UNDP

Students engaged in lively debate with officials from five UN bodies represented in the Republic of Korea in Busan today.

At the Joint event hosted by the UNIDO Seoul Office and Dong-A university, Mr Bum-Joon Kim highlighted UNIDO’s global role in investment and technology promotion and its support for development projects forums and conferences in Korea.

Mr. Ka-Fa Wong of UNESCAP detailed the role of the UN Commission in inclusive development, energy security and environmental sustainability. He also explained its support to connectivity and disaster risk reduction in North East Asia, noting that work with partners in underway in cutting ‘yellow sand storms’ in the region.

‘Development is people – and about giving people choices and opportunities’ said Mr Matthew Taylor of the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre. He explained the role of the Centre as knowledge hub for development research and policy dialogue and how the Centre builds bridges between Korea, new development partners and developing nations. ‘Many who helped shape Korea’s success are still alive today. A big part of the work we do is to document those lessons and to help share them with developing countries today‘ Taylor said.

Mr. Sang-Jin Lee illustrated how UNEP’s North-West Pacific Action Plan helps protects marine environments from land-based activities. The UNEP Action Plan helps bring long-term benefits to the regions people, while protecting human health, ecological integrity and sustainability for future generations.

The UNOPS, UNDP and GEF Yellow Sea Project supports sustainable fisheries management and helps reduce stress to the regional ecosystem, explained Mr Sung-Jun Park. The project also helps explore how the Global Environment Facility can further national and regional commitments to international conventions and agreements, such as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Students asked a range of questions, on topics ranging from combating dust and sand storms to UN internship opportunities. They were encouraged to directly message @UNDP_SPC on Twitter if they have further questions for the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre specifically.

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