Our Work

The UNDP Seoul Policy Centre began its work in January 2011. We:

  • broker new partnerships between Korea and the developing world through UNDP networks,
  • represent UNDP in the Republic of Korea; and,
  • work with Korea in big global development issues.

Through our global networks we:

  • link Korean experts from the Government, business, think-tanks and academia to policy-makers and practitioners in the developing world; and,
  • are setting up teams to bring solutions to practical development problems around the world.

Through our Korean network we help developing countries forge partnerships with Korean experts, institutions and businesses.

The partnerships we forge help end poverty and improve lives around the world.

Boosting energy access for the poor

New partnerships forged by the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre are helping boost energy access for the poor.

Through our teams in the field, we’re helping ensure access to affordable energy across the Asia-Pacific region. The new partnerships are kept active by UNDP’s Asia-Pacific Regional Centre and our global web-based knowledge network.

It all started when Korean experts and policy makers from 12 Asian nations came together in Seoul at a joint UNDP Seoul Policy Centre and Green Technology Centre workshop in April 2013.

Helping shape future global development goals

The Millennium Development Goals are the most successful anti-poverty push in history. Yet they expire in 2015.

As the world debates new goals to 2030, we’re supporting Korea’s advocacy.

We have:

We also provide policy support and lead UNDP's communications support for the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation that was concieved in Busan, Korea, in 2011.

Policy dialogue for development results

International experts from Korea, Cambridge University, the Overseas Development Institute, the Bank of Indonesia and more conducted research together to support policy advice for middle-income countries.

The projects were designed to help boost productivity, financial inclusion and other areas. The 15 experts agreed on the scope of the research at the launch event in Seoul in May 2013. At the launch, the experts drew initial conclusions on common development challenges faced by middle-income countries and cited Korea’s experience in reaching high-income status as offering lessons.

In December 2013, based on the research, the report ‘Challenges of the middle-income countries: Seoul Debates 2013’ was launched. The report highlights the need to focus on country experiences to effectively tackle challenges faced by middle-income countries.

The research projects were supported by the Seoul Policy Centre, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP).

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