Our Korean Partners

 Big Korea based players we work with to bring about development results.

As a broker that builds partnerships for development, our networks are vital for results.

In Korea we partner with the Government, Government agencies, policy research institutes, cutting edge centres that fuse policy and technology for sustainable development results, academia, civil society organisations and business.

Through our Korean network we help developing countries partner with Korean experts, institutions and businesses to help end poverty and improve lives through UNDP country offices and regional service centres.

Through our global network we link Korean experts from the Government, business, think-tanks and academia to policy-makers and practitioners in the developing world to forge solutions to real development challenges.

Partner with us!

The Seoul Policy Centre team is constantly on the lookout for new Korean and international partners for development.

We’re particularly interested in working in areas such as green technology and sustainable development, effective development co-operation, rural development, e-governance and mobile technology for development. Please do contact us if you wish to partner with us or learn more.

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