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The UNDP Seoul Policy Centre for Global Development Partnerships is part of the United Nations’ global development and knowledge network. We advocate for change and connect countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build better lives.

The UNDP Seoul Policy Centre began its work in January 2011. It is the new form of cooperation between the Republic of Korea and UNDP to promote global development and knowledge for poverty reduction and sustainable human development, following almost five decades of successful joint work on Korea’s development.

The Centre:

  • Is a knowledge hub for cutting edge development research, policy dialogue, publications and knowledge sharing, in particular through South-South and triangular cooperation.
  • Builds bridges between Korea, new development partners and developing nations on key development issues and contributes to building capacity in developing countries.
  • Helps to capture and share Korea’s development experience with other countries.

A development policy and knowledge hub

The UNDP Seoul Policy Centre engages in focused and innovative research and policy dialogue and advocacy on new global development partnerships, particularly with emerging countries. It also tackles development challenges in middle income countries as they move along their development paths.

The Centre contributes to key global development agenda dialogues and advocacy by promoting, networking, policy dialogue, consultations and learning among development partners in partnership with the Republic of Korea.

The Centre provides an easy access gateway to lessons in development from the Republic of Korea through the Policy Centre portal and by responding to queries from interested parties worldwide. It makes use of UNDP global networks to help spread knowledge.

The Centre is fully integrated into, and works closely with, UNDP’s global networks of policy knowledge, expertise, and experience of practitioners from 177 countries.

The Centre carries out its research, policy dialogue, advocacy, comparative analysis and knowledge sharing in broad partnerships, both within and outside of Korea.

Within Korea, the Centre is working to build knowledge networks with:

  • The Government
  • Academia, research and policy institutions
  • The private sector
  • Civil society and youth
  • The media

Outside of Korea, the Centre is working on building development knowledge partnerships with development leaders and practitioners in emerging and developing countries, research and policy institutions, the UNDP and the United Nations System.

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