• Indicators, targets and process for Global Monitoring

  • Empowering vulnerable women in Haiti

    Through building national capacities, UNDP is helping Haiti move from emergency earthquake recovery to longer term sustainable development.

  • UNDP Seoul Policy Centre at a glance

    The UNDP Seoul Policy Centre for Global Development Partnerships is part of the United Nations global development and knowledge network.

  • Busan Partnership endorsements

    List of countries, territories, and organizations that support the Busan Partnership Document.

  • Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation

    1. We, Heads of State, Ministers and representatives of developing and developed countries, heads of multilateral and bilateral institutions, representatives of different types of public, civil society, private, parliamentary, local and regional organisations meeting here in Busan, Republic of Korea, recognise that we are united by a new partnership that is broader and more inclusive than ever before, founded on shared principles, common goals and differential commitments for effective international development.

  • A NEW DEAL for engagement in fragile states

    The current ways of working in fragile states need serious improvement. Despite the significant investment and the commitments of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (2005) and the Accra Agenda for Action (2008), results and value for money have been modest.