UNDP and Korea: empowering vulnerable women in Haiti

 The project helps tackle damaging stigma faced by victims of gender based violence

Thanks to UNDP and the Republic of Korea, 800 vulnerable women, including many victims of gender based violence, are getting help back into work and social normality in Haiti.

The ‘Empowerment of Vulnerable Women through Livelihoods and Micro Enterprise Creation in Earthquake Affected Areas of Port au Prince and Environs’ project provides training, information and financial support for employment and business creation for vulnerable women, including through support for the creation of women’s associations.

The Republic of Korea contributed 1.5M USD from the joint Korea-UNDP MDG Trust fund that supports sustainable MDG achievement in some of Least and Lower Economically Developed Countries. The project began in 2011 and runs for two years.

Project staff build links with formal employment sectors and financial institutions including credit unions and banks, as well as community-based organizations working for vulnerable women. It also supports holistic approaches to addressing women’s social and economic vulnerability in Haiti, including stigma faced by victims of gender based violence.

The project builds on and works with ongoing projects by UN bodies, civil society organizations and others, as well as UNDP initiatives that help boost the livelihoods of vulnerable groups.