Joint Korea-UNDP MDG Trust Fund

  Through the joint Korea-UNDP MDG Trust Fund volunteers in Darfur, Sudan, are being empowered to revitalize their communities.

The Korea-UNDP MDG Trust Fund was established in November 2009. It supports sustainable MDG achievement in some of the least and lower economically developed Countries.

Overall priority areas include poverty reduction, environment and climate change. Specific priority areas are reviewed each year to ensure the Fund meets the needs of the developing world.

The first three projects were approved in March 2011 after a robust selection process. Totalling 6 million US Dollars, they are being implemented in Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan.

Five further projects, totalling 8.7 million US Dollars, were approved in January 2012. They are underway in Lao PDR, Colombia, Rwanda, Timor-Leste and globally. Whenever possible, projects work with the KOICA office in the country.


The Trust Fund’s Steering Committee provides overall leadership, including decisions on financial allocation, project selection and monitoring and evaluation. It is made up of representatives of the Korean Government and UNDP.

The Republic of Korea contributes to the fund each yea and UNDP manages the fund. UNDP provides a consolidated narrative and financial report to the Government of Korea every year. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is the primary actor on the Korean side.

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