Development Solutions


A triangular cooperation

Development Solutions Partnership (DSP) is our flagship programme for sharing Korea’s development experience and innovative policy tools with developing countries through UNDP’s global network. DSPs create and deepen triangular cooperation among Korea, UNDP, and partner countries via the respective country offices, thereby helping countries achieve their priorities for sustainable development by benchmarking and applying Korea’s policy tools while respecting the national context.

From Korea’s experience of transitioning from a recipient country in the aftermath of the Korean War to a donor country, Korea has rich and practical experiences and knowledge to share with developing countries. Yet, extensive background work and concrete partnerships are needed for implementation on the ground. It takes concerted efforts to capture, share and apply policy innovations in concrete ways.

Sharing innovation

As part of the DSP programme, we facilitate this process by: identifying and translating Korea’s policy innovations through knowledge products, dynamic exchanges of experiences, peer-to-peer mentoring, channeling of seed funding and advisory support through UNDP Country Offices’ existing project facilities, and on-the-ground partnerships for national adaptation and utilization of the policy tools and shared knowledge at the country level.

We conduct preliminary webinars with partner countries in preparation for hosting a number of high level study visits each year. In all DSP implementation we produce resource books detailing Korea’s policy tools and lessons learned in several languages.


Gender-based violence
Environmental issues

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