The UNDP Seoul Policy Centre (USPC) has collated a summary of some of the policies and practices that have been implemented by the Korean government, public institutions, the private sector and other partners in response to COVID-19 in the country.
The webinar aims to spark discussions on how disruptions in traditional economic activity like COVID-19 could drive positive outcomes for businesses, workers and consumers alike. Policymakers and other relevant actors can use the lessons from the Korean experience to steer the recovery toward more sustainable trajectories.
Three examples from Korea – of businesses that leverage technologies to innovate contact tracing, remote learning and redistribution of goods – illustrate how young entrepreneurs can be a driving force to respond to crises and contribute to long-term, sustainable recovery.
This paper analyses recent global development trends and key evolutions in the development cooperation system. It specifically looks into approaches to knowledge sharing, technical assistance and capacity development. Based on this analysis, it presents ideas and possible areas for the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre for Knowledge Exchange through SDG Partnerships (hereafter USPC) engagement.

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