Millenium Development Goals


MDG Samoa 2010

Following the first MDG Report for Samoa in 2004, this 2010 National MDG Report is the latest stock-take of national progress towards the achievement of key MDGs for Samoa. more


National Millennium Development Goals Report Cook Islands 2010

In 2005, our first Millennium Development Goals National Report was published. This action signified our commitment alongside the global community to improve the living standards of Cook Islanders.    Our first report demonstrated that the Cook Islands has made significant strides in themore


Niue Millennium Development Goals 2006 Report

Niue, a single small island microstate in the Pacific, is the world's largest raised atoll (250 sq km) with one of the world's smallest populations; 1,625 people in 2006. Niue faces challenges inherent in its small size, limited natural resources, geographical isolation from global markets,more


The economies of the Cook Islands, Niue and Samoa are among the better performing in the Pacific, with consistent economic growth, impressive social development and good progress in MDGs, especially MDG 1 on eradicating extreme poverty and hunger (there is no MDG data for Tokelau). The Cook Islands, Niue and Samoa have already achieved MDGs 4 and 5 on child and maternal health.