Democratic Governance


2008 Annual Report: Anti Corruption in Development

This report highlights the major initiatives of the Democratic Governance Group’s anti-corruption service area and the activities of regional centers in building an effective “Service Delivery Platform (SDP)” that provides consistent and coherent support to UNDP country offices (COs) and partnermore


Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to Strengthening Local Governance

Strengthening local governance can play a critical role in human development.   Decentralizing power from the centre to the provinces, districts and villages enables women and men to participate in decision-making directly, and to hold local officials and politicians more accountable tomore


Regional Assessment: The Asia-Pacific Rights and Justice Initiative

This report presents the assessment findings of the Asia-Pacific Rights and Justice Initiative (AP-A2J) conducted over April and May 2009. The assessment is part of a UNDP effort to respond to one of the recommendations of the global Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund 2008 Evaluationmore

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Specific project support by UNDP are underway across the region in the following areas - information and communications technology for development; supporting better aid coordination; developing cutting edge knowledge products that inform policy makers; ensuring that women's rights and concerns are addresses across all policy and development efforts; support nation-building in Tokelau as it moves to full independence; and strengthening urban governance as regional populations move from their traditional villages to access better opportunities in growing cities.