South-South Cooperation


South-South Cooperation is about developing countries working together to find solutions to common social, economic and environmental challenges.

With several middle-income countries spearheading successful sustainable development policies—especially poverty and inequality reduction programmes—, UNDP works with governments in Latin America and the Caribbean to share expertise with other countries, within the region and across the globe.

UNDP also works with governments in the region to share best practices and transfer knowledge in areas such as agriculture, health, education, clean energy and environmentally sustainable practices.


Our main areas of support

  • Strengthen capacities to incllude South-South Cooperation (including Monitoring and Evaluation) in the design and implementation of projects.
  • Assessing capacities of the recipients of South-South development cooperation for the effective implementation of transfer processes.
  • Strengthening South-South and Triangular Cooperation assessing development cooperation demand and supply.
  • Enhance regional and global visibility of best practices and South-South Cooperation or Triangular cooperation portfolios.
  • Facilitate identification, dissemination and exchange of best practices, methods and tools.
  • Provision of technical and methodological support to map, assess and document successful country and regional experiences.