Freddy M. Justiniano-Flores

Director the Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean

Freddy Justiniano-Flores is an economist and currently serves as acting Director the Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean, based in Panama.  Freddy joined UNDP in 1987, and throughout his career he has served as Chief of the Latin America and the Caribbean Resource Facility, Coordinator of the Regional Programme, and Coordinator of the UNDP Latin America and the Caribbean Strategic Monitoring and Support Unit in New York. 

He also has extensive experience in the field.  He served as Senior Deputy Representative in Colombia, Strategic Advisor in El Salvador during the peace building process and the establishment of the UN missions in both, El Salvador and Guatemala.  He has also been involved in the work of the UN Elections Verifications Organization for Nicaragua and particularly, in the peace building process in Central America, through his work as Programme Officer for the Special Plan of Economic Cooperation for Central America.  Within UNDP, Freddy has also served as Programme Officer for its regional bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean and Project Coordinator of the Regional Project on Poverty Reduction. 

Mr. Justiniano has also worked for the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean and UNICEF:

Prior to joining the United Nations, Freddy served his country, Bolivia, as Minister of Planning and Coordination, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Economic Advisor to the President, and as both, Chief of the Economic Statistics and National Accounts Division as well as Executive Director of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INE).

Additionally, he has collaborated in several studies and publications in his home country, universities and the United Nations.   Some of his recent collaborations include the Latin American Democracy Report: a regional analysis of the Millennium Development Goals, The Human Development Reports on Citizen Security for Central America and the English-speaking Caribbean, which mainly tackle issues regarding the current situation of Middle Income Countries and International Cooperation.

Freddy has also worked as a Professor or visiting professor of the Bolivian Public Administration Institute, ESAP (School of Public Administration - Colombia), University of the Basque Country (Spain), Colombia National University and UCA (Universidad José Simeón Cañas) in El Salvador.

Topics: Conflict Resolution, Democratic Governance, Inclusive Development and Social Integration, Citizen Security and Institutional Reform.

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