Environment & Energy


Advancing CCA in Developing Countries: The UNDP-GEF Adaptation Portfolio

Overview of UNDP’s support to adaptation initiatives in developing countries funded by GEF-managed UNFCCC funds – LDCF and SCCF, and the GEF Trust Fund’s SPA more


Brazil: Early Retirement for Refrigerators & ODS Banks Management

This country case study presents progress on a pilot project established by UNDP to promote a successful phase out of the production and consumption of CFCs in Brazil. UNDP developed a project that will help address Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) destruction in Brazil and thereby contribute to amore


Case study on cattle farming in Colombia

The Facility manages commodity supply chain related projects in developing countries worldwide.   Introduction: Indonesia is the world's top palm oil producer and estimated 21 - 23 million tons of CPO in 2012. Currently the total area planted to oil palm in 2010/11 is approximately 7.65more


Communities Biodiversity Products from Latin America and the Caribbean

This publication documents the biodiversity vital to Latin America and the Caribbean communities for sustainable development. Each profile featured here documents what the local biodiversity product is and how it is sustainably produced - many of which are not well-known as globally tradedmore


Ecotourism Development: A Manual for Conservation Planners & Managers - Vol. II

The volume provides guidance on both key conservation management and key business development strategies. It includes an introduction to the critical elements of ecotourism management planning including zoning, visitor impact monitoring, visitor site design and management, income generationmore


Latin America and the Caribbean have one of the greatest endowments of natural capital in the world, with an extraordinary array of goods and services provided by the region's rich plant and wildlife. UNDP works mainly with governments, but also with civil society and private sector partners to maintain and restore countries' natural capital and unlock its full potential to support human development. Our programmes in coordination with sister UN agencies and governmental counterparts combine the work on biodiversity and ecosystems with issues of poverty, governance and crisis prevention.