Farmers and entrepreneurs

Promoting trade in Central Asia, South Caucasus and Western CIS

man presenting a handful of his dried apricots
Famous dried apricots, Tajikistan. The Aid for Trade project supports farmers with drying equipment so that they can increase their drying volume.

Through the Aid for Trade project, UNDP promotes trade and country competitiveness in 11 countries in the region, to reduce poverty and improve peoples’ lives.

This includes:

  • Trade marketing baseline assessment for export promotion
  • Capacity building for integrating trade issues
  • Establishing a regional export promotion centre
  • Expanding small and medium size enterprise (SME) access to financial services
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly technologies and green commodity production

All activities are carried out jointly with national partners so that beneficiaries can develop the skills that will allow them to better gain from trade. The project assists small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and farmers throughout the entire business process – from planning, management and finance to processing, standards, branding, market access and productive capacities.

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Some of our results

Trade initiatives in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan helped to:

Strengthen trade capacities of public institutions and entrepreneurs:

  • over 100 trainings carried out reaching over 1,500 farmers, entrepreneurs and civil servants in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan

Increase access to financial services:

  • 22 microfinance loans totaling $269,959 were distributed in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan and funded ecological greenhouses, meat tinning and other processing lines but also improved cattle housing and improving pedigree of cattle. In Tajikistan, the project developed microfinancing specifically for entrepreneurs and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

In Kazakhstan, the project supported the development of advisory capacities of the Women Entrepreneurs Association; as a result of this support, the Association has been able to provide business consulting services to 47 women entrepreneurs.

The Batken Market Information Centre provides market price information through its online database, which on average has 120 users per day, via radio stations located in markets and regular bulletins.

In Tajikistan, a system was established to provide agricultural information and market prices via an online database, SMS notifications, electronic information boards, a mapping of agricultural production and regular bulletins.

Anara Rahmaanberdieva
Member of the cooperative MoI Tushum, Batken, Kyrgyzstan

Anara presenting her organic tomatoes, KyrgyzstanAnara and her organic tomatoes

"This year I used organic fertilizer for my tomatoes, after attending a training session on the benefits, and how to use them. The quality and taste was much better than before when I used nitrous fertilizer.

"As recommended, I made an advertisement through the radio centre and website established by the Aid for Trade project and received several calls for potential buyers. I signed an agreement withcafé Aidinisa and started to supply them with tomatoes. The customer was fully satisfied with the quality of tomatoes, so we made an agreement for next year as well.

"I learned how to grow environmentally friendly and high-quality vegetables with low initial expenditure. The most important for me is that I found new sales channels."